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Should You Use Ipsos i-Say? My Ipsos i-Say Review


Ipsos i-Say is an online survey site run by a division of Ipsos, one of the world's largest online marketing research companies.

Before I get into the details, let me answer the main question when it comes to survey websites

Can You Make Money With Ipsos i-Say?

Yes. Sign up for Ipsos i-Say here.

Income Proof – My Ipsos i-Say Earnings

i-Say Income Proof 2

Join Ipsos i-Say Here

Note: Ipsos is temporarily paused to new signups. For now, I recommend you sign up for these alternatives:

Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost and PrizeRebel


I only write reviews for companies once I've actually tried them out and been paid. That way you know that the review is based on my actual experience.

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How To Make The Most Money From Ipsos i-Say – In Depth Review

Before I show you how to best use Ipsos i-Say to get the most money for the least amount of time, I'll go over the basics, such as restrictions, payouts and how to sign up.


  • Age: There are no age restrictions for Ipsos i-Say.

Sign Up Process: To join Ipsos i-Say, click this link and then either register with Facebook or fill out the information form and then check your inbox for an email confirmation.

Payout Minimum: Ipsos i-Say is pretty typical when it comes to the payout minimum. You can either exchange 1000 points for a $10 gift card to Amazon or iTunes, or wait until you get 1500 points and exchange it for Paypal or a Visa prepaid card. However, I provide the best option for Payouts below, so read all the way through.

As you can see from my payment confirmation above, you can receive the electronic gift cards within 24 hours, or get the Paypal or Visa prepaid card within 3 weeks. This is the usual payout timing across survey taking sites.

Also, I should note that you can only send Paypal rewards to the email address you have signed up for Ipsos i-Say with. However, you can get around this by adding your specific survey email address to your Paypal account. Simply login to your Paypal account, go to “profile”, then “update email”, and you can add it in there.

My Personal Survey Qualification Percentage: I qualified for roughly 80% of the surveys I tried to take. This a pretty good rate for survey taking websites. It was also good that i-Say did not take long to screen me out of a survey, it was typically less than 2 minutes. For each survey I didn't qualify for, I received 5 points.

Survey Invite Rate: Ipsos i-Say provides a ton of surveys through email. On weekdays I would receive anywhere from 4-8 surveys, and on weekends I'd get 1 or 2.

Getting that many surveys became really useful, because for some reason i-Say has a problem with the surveys on the dashboard not refreshing. So sometimes you will try to do a survey, and find out you have already done it. This only happened to me a few times, but it was still nice to have a stockpile to go through in my inbox.

Is there a mobile app?: Yes, but you have to be specifically invited by Ipsos to use it. I was never invited, so I cannot tell you how good it was. However, the Ipsos i-Say website does work very well on a cell phone, which is nice if you want to do surveys on the go.

i psos i say point breakdown

Click Image To Enlarge

Loyalty Program: Ipsos i-Say offers something that I haven't seen on many sites, and that is a loyalty program. This a great benefit, and is one of the reasons why i-Say is one of my favorite survey sites.

As you can see, the more surveys you take with Ipsos i-Say, the better. If you take 200 surveys with them within 1 year, you get an extra 600 points. That's less than 4 surveys a week.

The Best Way to Make Money with Ipsos i-Say

As with every survey company, there are pros and cons to the website which also means there are certain strategies you should use on each site to get the most out of it. When it comes to Ipsos i-Say, one of the best ways to make money with them is to first take surveys in their dashboard.

The reason you want to start with surveys in their dashboard is because they show you right away how many points they offer and the estimated time it will take to do the survey.

i-Say Dashboard

Typically, the surveys are 45 or 90 points, ranging in estimate time from 5 minutes to 35. The surveys that offered the most points for the least amount of time were 45 point surveys estimated at under 10 minutes and 90 points surveys estimated at under 20 minutes. Every once and a while you come across high paying surveys for 150 points, which are definitely worth it.

Also, as you can see in my survey notes below, I usually came in well under the estimated time. My best was 90 points that was estimated for 20 minutes, and only took 1.5 minutes.

Like I mentioned earlier in the post, Ipsos i-Say did have a problem with not refreshing the surveys in your dashboard. This would have been a major problem if I didn't have so many emails piled up in my inbox from them. The only problem with these emailed surveys is that they don't tell you the points and estimated time from the start.

ipsos i-Say Email inviteAfter clicking the get started now, about 75% of the emails take you to a screen giving you the information on points and estimated time, the other ones jump right into the survey. Only take surveys if you know the points and estimated time. You don't want to take a long survey and end up only getting a few points.

Another important tip for Ipsos i-Say is to hold out for the highest Paypal reward. While I understand the want to cash out as soon as possible, the reward gets much better when you get to the highest tier.

i-Say Best Reward

As you can see, the points to dollar ratio becomes much better at this high level. This, combined with their loyalty program, means that the longer you use Ipsos i-Say, the better it gets and the more you money you get for your time.

Want to see my specific survey results?

Your results will likely vary, but as you can see below most of the surveys I took were completed in a lot less time than was advertised:


Overall Ipsos i-Say Review Assessment: Should You Join?


Sign up for Ipsos i-Say here.


Do you have any questions about Ipsos i-Say or anything you'd like to add to the review? Let me know in the comments!

Advertiser Disclosure: We get a commission for some of the links on the blog. The opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by our partners.

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  1. Hi Chris, i was wondering what do you think of pollbuzzer? I thank you for your advice.

    1. Hey Julian,

      Pollbuzzer appears to be a legit survey taking company, but they rarely send out any surveys. It doesn’t hurt to sign up and fill out surveys as they come in, but they appear to send barely any that it may not be worth your time.


  2. Hi Chris, will you please tell me more about vindale, is this survey co. on the level? Thank you for your answer.

    1. Hey Julian,

      Vindale Research is a legit survey taking company. They have a high minimum payout at $50, but you will get paid once you reach that amount.


  3. can you please suggest legit survey panels that work in india? thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Bhargav,

      Try Paid Viewpoint, iPoll, GlobalTestMarket and Ipsos i-Say.


  4. Hey Kunwar,

    I think you may be able to. You can click the link and give it a try. The only problem would be that it’s by demographic, and there may not be a lot of surveys for citizens of India.


  5. Hi, I live in London and I signed up to this survey site just before reading your review. It didn’t mention that it only works in Canada or the States… so I just assume it’s ok for UK??…

    1. Hey Paula,

      They are working on expanding, so the UK is probably one of the countries is works for.


  6. Hi- would love your opinion. I signed up for Ipsos and was happily filling out all the surveys that were on my dashboard. One of them was a high reward for not that many minutes….I clicked and it asked me a bunch of questions and then asked if I would want to be a mystery shopper and asked about a certain electronics store which is close by. They had me complete a mystery shopper info questionnaire which included Social security info…. I did complete and am now nervous because saw on another website that this should never be asked for till you make lots of money. It was through IPSOS- isay– any thoughts?

  7. Bonjour, hier je me suis inscrit sur le site i say et je n’ai encore pas reçu d’enquête donc je me demande si c’est à cause de mon âge j’ai 17 ans

    À bientôt :)

  8. good job

  9. When I connect to the ipsos website, click on a survery, and answer the million questions, it says, basically that I qualified for a next..the page then says “Thank you for your interest in participating in this survey.” Just that one line, on a whole page of white. I have only been able to do one survey, and all the others say this…annoying

  10. Hello – just wondering if these companies normally send you 1099s at the end of the year for income tax. Thanks!

  11. I have registered and press the survey start button but no survey appears, where and how do I retrieve my survey?

  12. I have been part of Ipsos I-Say for many years. I was disappointed to find out that after being a winner for a random draw, I was not entitled to my prize as they said I live in Quebec. In my opinion this is not fair. This is the email I got after inquiring where my prize was.
    We’re sorry for any delay created. Our Rewards department has investigated the issue.

    The rules of this draw specifically state you cannot be from Quebec. Therefore, you are unfortunately not eligible for this prize.

    Thank you for taking part in our Panel.
    i-Say Panel Support team

  13. How often did you receive emails from i-Say announcing that a survey was available for you? I joined today and have been browsing the site for about four hours and haven’t gotten an email from them yet. I’ve already completed all the surveys that were offered initially.

  14. can you please suggest legit survey panels that work in Morocco ? thanks in advance

    1. Hi Chris, I want to join but please suggest survey that work in Africa or Namibia, I am from Namibia,thanks

  15. Is there any survey I can take in Jamaica



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