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Where Did Surveyhead go?

surveyhead logoSurveyhead used to be a legitimate survey taking website, but it has recently rebranded. And luckily for all of us, it's still a legit way to make moneys with online surveys!

Surveyhead is now iPoll, and below I'll cover a few details on the rebranding, along with differences you can expect to see with iPoll.

Why Did Surveyhead rebrand?

Surveyhead did not originally plan on rebranding Surveyhead into iPoll. It came around due to the success of their mobile app, which was called iPoll. Surveyhead was the name of the website while they had a separate app under the name iPoll.

Their app is actually one of the best survey apps I have used, so it is not surprising that they had to reconsider a few things when their app started to become really popular. One thing they had to make a decision about was to have two different brands, or choose one and go with it. It is obvious which brand they chose to move forward with.

Now, the name iPoll not only is for the app, but is integrated with their website as well. The website was thus switched from to

What Differences Are There With Surveyhead and iPoll

One thing that is not changing, thankfully, is that your rewards and account information is not lost. Here is a quote from iPoll:

Be assured that all your rewards and account information from Surveyhead will be carried over to iPoll. Everything will remain unchanged.

Here are some differences you can expect:

  • Synced Mobile App – You will have more chances to earn with iPoll with the app. There are local polls, mobile surveys and mobile missions. You can now earn money on the go with iPoll.
  • Social Login – You can now easily use your social media accounts to login into to iPoll.
  • New Look – They have updated the website, doing away with the outdate Surveyhead design and giving it a move modern look.

Goodbye SurveyHead

Should You Be Using iPoll?

Absolutely. This rebranding has ended up being a great move by the parent company, United Sample. They already have a good BBB profile, and now they have a modern website and great app to match their good customer service.

Surveyhead BBB Profile


Also, one of the best things about Surveyhead that didn't change is that you can still get $5 for simply signing up with iPoll.

Ipoll $5 Bonus

If you'd like to join iPoll, you can do so here:

Join iPoll and get your $5 bonus.


If you have any questions about the rebranding, or about iPoll, let me know in the comments!

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