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My name is Chris, and I've been making money with survey websites for quite some time now. During this time, I've realized that making money online with surveys is one of the easiest ways to bring in extra money from home.

I enjoy taking surveys for money because:

  • There is no background experience needed
  • I get to work from home
  • I can do it while doing other things (Listening to music, watching TV)
  • I can get paid in cash
  • I work whatever hours I'd like

Want to get started right away? Here are a few of my top reviews for you:

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While this is all great and an awesome opportunity for all of us, there is a problem with this type of work. There are scams online.

I certainly don't like to be scammed, and I'm assuming you don't either. This is why I created

I wanted an honest resource for people looking to make money online. While searching for one, I realized they are hard to come by. Often times, sites that review survey sites haven't even used the site.

That didn't work for me.

How are they supposed to know if the site is legit or a scam if they haven't even signed up?

That is why for my survey reviews, I not only sign up for these sites but use them until I am able to cash out. 

That is unless I use sites that are scams and can't cash out. I make sure to tell you to avoid those.

My reviews here include:

  • Sign up requirements for survey panels
  • Special features of the survey panel
  • The amount of surveys they send you
  • Comparisons to what other users are experiencing
  • My strategies to make the most money with that specific survey site
  • And an overall recommendation

I do background checks on the survey panels and the companies running them, along with seeing what other people online are saying.

If you'd like to get started with making money with surveys:

Make sure you sign up for my eBook, which includes tips for taking surveys, avoiding scams, along with my favorite survey companies. It's a great all-in-one guide to get you going.

If you'd like a more in-depth guide, you can check out my $0.99 book on Amazon. (You can get most of that information on this site, it's just nice to have it all in one spot).

I also like to share my tips for taking surveys. Here are a few of my popular articles:

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Overall, I hope you find my site useful and as a way to boost your monthly income while working from home. If you need to ask follow up questions, make sure you comment on the articles! I respond to all my comments and encourage them.

I like to think of Survey Chris as more of a community where we can all help each other out, so I encourage comments!


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