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Is CashCrate Legit? My CashCrate Review

Update: CashCrate is closing down March 31st, 2019. I now recommend PrizeRebel instead which you can join for free here. Read my full Prize Rebel review here. My original review will remain live to help people searching for CashCrate to find another alternative.

cash crate logoCashCrate is an online survey and offer completion website. Before I dive into the specific aspects of what I like and don't like in my CashCrate review, I'd like to answer the most important question first:

Can you make money with CashCrate?

Yes. Sign up for CashCrate here.

Income Proof – My CashCrate Earnings:

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Is PrizeRebel Legit? My 2020 PrizeRebel Review

PrizeRebel LogoPrizeRebel is a site that I am very happy to be getting you a review out for. With the number of sites to avoid out there, I'm always happy when I am able to share a legit site with you, especially one that is not extremely popular or well-known. But before I get into all those details, here's the question I always like to answer first:

Can you make money with PrizeRebel?

Yes. Sign up for PrizeRebel here.

Income Proof – My PrizeRebel Earnings

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The 10 Best Survey Companies for Vietnam

According to a forecast by PricewaterhouseCoopers, Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing of the world’s emerging economies by 2025, with a potential growth rate of almost 10% per annum in real dollar terms. It is predicted that it may even surpass the gross domestic product of countries like Norway, Singapore and Portugal after a few more years. How does a country excel? How do we know what to improve on? How do we get the opinion of the masses? Through survey of course!

These companies need answers to all different types of questions, but they know they need to pay people to get them. That's where you come in! If you sign up for the sites below and take surveys, you will get paid for your time!

Here are the top 10 survey companies in Vietnam.

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