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Are Online Surveys Safe?

Online surveys are a growing way for people to make additional income from home, or to diversify their income. This seems like a great deal if you are looking for a little extra cash, but how do you know that these companies are legitimate and not another online scam? First, you want to consider what is in it for them.

Why would companies pay for your opinion?

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Can You Really Get Paid to Test Products?

Have you heard of product testing? Product testing is where a company sends you a product or a coupon for a product and asks you to test it out and then give them feedback on it. Some may even pay you.

So to answer the question you came here to find out, can you actually get paid to test products?


While I spend most of my time on this website reviewing and talking about taking surveys online, I have tried and really enjoy using product testing. It is a great way to get free stuff and make some extra money.

Why Are Companies are Paying You to Test Products

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