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How Much Do Online Surveys Pay?

If you are looking for ways to make money online and from home, then you have most likely come across paid surveys. The real question you'll want to know is how much do online surveys pay? Is it worth your time to take surveys for money?

And the answer is absolutely… if you know the right survey companies.

With online surveys, there are a large variety of sites that you can use to make money. While variety is good, it can also be bad because you can get caught up trying to make money with a survey site that just doesn't pay well. I'll explain a little more on that below.

In this quick article, I'll cover what at the worst online surveys will pay you, and at the best what you can be making (at least in my own experience). If you have any additional questions, don't be afraid to ask me in the comments. I'm more than happy to help you out with anything.

If You Don't Know The Best Survey Companies

Since for Survey Chris I actually try out these companies before I review them, I have spent time on some of the worse survey companies. I won't name any names right here, but I will make sure to never recommend a bad site to you.

The reason you may see a bad site recommended to you is because a lot of survey sites pay you to refer people to them. Now in the wrong hands, this could mean that every survey company gets a glowing review, as a hopes to send people over to them.

This is different on Survey Chris. I feel that giving you honest information will pay off more than simply trying to make money by sending you to every site that will pay me. Especially because I know these sites, so if they are bad and frustrating, I have personally experienced that. There's no reason you should go through it as well if I already know it.

With some of these survey sites, I have made as little as $1-$3 an hour. That is not a good return, even for working from my computer from home. The reason this payout can be so little is because some sites aren't good at taking your demographic into consideration. This means that they are constantly sending you surveys that you don't qualify for.

So I would end up spending time taking the initial screening survey only to get disqualified after a few minutes, sometimes longer if the sites are really bad. Eventually, I'll get a survey, but this has been after a numerous amount of tries and tons of failed surveys.

When this happens, you end up making not very much money is a long period of time.

On the bright side however, with trying so many sites, I have come across quite a few that I will gladly recommend to you, and will tell you how much you can expect to earn with these good sites.

When Using the Best Sites

If you know the right sites, you are on a great path to making upwards of around $9 an hour. Now if you know all the right sites and the strategies to use all of them in combination the best way, I would say you could get that up to around $12 an hour, at least in my experience.

If you are interested in this ultimate arsenal of survey taking sites, make sure to sign up for my mailing list, because I am publishing a book very soon exactly on that. And I'm giving to people on my mailing list for free.

But to give you a quick overview of the sites that I use to get around $10-$12 an hour, I'll list a few of my favorites below.



I have written an extensive review for Swagbucks you can check out here:

My Swagbucks Review

If you want to get started making money right now with Swagbucks, you can sign up here:

Join Swagbucks


cash crate logoIf you want to learn more about CashCrate, you should check out my review: Is CashCrate Legit?

To sign up to CashCrate, click the link below:

Join CashCrate

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost LogoOpinion Outpost is another great site which I constantly use. Here is my review teaching you the tricks to using it:

My Opinion Outpost Review

If you want to start making money now:

Join Opinion Outpost Here.

Ipsos i-Say

ipsos-isay-review-300x149i-Say is a great online site. I definitely recommend them. To learn how I use them, see my review here.

If you want to join Ipsos i-Say, you can do so here:

Join Ipsos i-Say


To get the best return on your money, it is best to make sure you are using more than one site, so you don’t run out of money making opportunities, and are using these sites in the best way possible.

If you’d like to see all the survey sites I recommend, here is a list.



Don't forget to leave me your questions below!

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