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Can You Really Get Paid to Test Products?

Have you heard of product testing? Product testing is where a company sends you a product or a coupon for a product and asks you to test it out and then give them feedback on it. Some may even pay you.

So to answer the question you came here to find out, can you actually get paid to test products?


While I spend most of my time on this website reviewing and talking about taking surveys online, I have tried and really enjoy using product testing. It is a great way to get free stuff and make some extra money.

Why Are Companies are Paying You to Test Products

These companies are not only sending out products for you to try and often times keep, but they are paying you to do so.

The way that this works is that a business who is either launching a product or has one on the market, hires a market research firm to get them feedback on their product. This market research firm has survey and product testing panels that users can sign up and join  (You can see my list of the 8 best product testing jobs here).

These market research companies need to get people like you and I to test these products and review them. The reason they pay you money on top of giving you the free product is that they need to incentivize you not to just get the product and not review them. That would mean that they failed at their job.

So to get you to not just take the product for free and move on, they offer you either cash, or points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards as a reward for reviewing the products. This way, everyone gets what they want. The product company gets feedback on their products, the market research firm has completed their clients work, and you get a free product and something extra, like money or a gift card.

Everyone wins.

Somethings you should know before jumping in to product testing is that you don't alway get to keep the stuff they send you. This is because they sometimes send you big products, such as a game consul, to test out (don't try to keep these products, they obviously have your personal information if they are mailing you things).

However, often times you do get to keep the free stuff and often times it is food. Everyone likes free food.

A lot of the things they send haven't even be released yet to the general public. They are sending you the products to test out and give them feedback on so that they can get it right before fully launching their product. You may get just about anything imaginable with product testing.

One strategy that I recommend for being a product tester is to sign up for as many companies as possible, then accept as many invitations as you get. Since most companies are online survey companies and product testing companies, they tend to send out more surveys then product campaigns.

However, if you are signed up for a bunch of product testing companies, then you will have way more opportunities. And if you accept all these opportunities and follow through with quality reviews, then these companies are more willing to send you more invitations. They want to avoid scams (people just taking products and not reviewing) as much as you do.

If you show you are trustworthy and a good reviewer, then you are going to get more invitations.


If you'd like to get started with being a product tester, check out my list of the top 8 product testing companies to sign up for:

The 8 Best Product Testing Jobs


If you have any questions about product testing, or anything to share on the topic, let me know in the comments!

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