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Is Survey Junkie Legit? – My Survey Junkie Review

Survey JunkieSurvey Junkie is a site that is growing in popularity throughout the survey world, which begs the question, is it legit? So in this review I will show you how the site works, all of the earning options, ways to maximize your earnings, and of course answer the question “Is Survey Junkie legit?”

Is Survey Junkie legit and can you make money with them?

Yes. Survey Junkie is legit and you can make money with them! It is all about how efficiently you use it.

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Survey Junkie is a smooth and clean site that lives up to its name. With a clean interface and a straightforward process, this site feels as if it were made by someone who is experienced with using survey sites. The site is set up as an aggregator of surveys from other sites, which means you are almost never waiting for new survey opportunities. Due to the large number of available surveys you will have options in terms of the amount of time you want to spend on each survey and what point total you are willing to shoot for. Though the options for earning may be narrow, you at least can feel comfortable with what you are getting with Survey Junkie, a plethora of surveys and transparent payout rates.

Income Proof – My Survey Junkie Earnings

I only write reviews for companies once I’ve actually tried them out and been paid. That way you know that the review is based on my actual experience.

This site gives you a straightforward reading on the actual dollar amount being earned, which allows you to strategize which surveys to attempt as you go. There are a variety of payout methods, which we will discuss further below.

Survey Junkie Video Review

To show you how the platform works and pick up some additional tips, I've also recorded a comprehensive video review which you can watch below as well:

How To Make The Most Money From Survey Junkie – In Depth Review

To get the most out of the site and understand whether it is a fit for your earning style, we will start from the most basic topics of restrictions, payout methods, among other frequently asked questions, and work toward the best tips and earning methods for Survey Junkie.


  • Location: Survey Junkie is available in the US, Canada, and Australia
  • Age: Survey Junkie members must be 13 years or older
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Sign Up Process: Survey Junkie does a great job of simplifying the signup process. You simply enter your email or you can sign up through your Facebook or Google+ account. I suggest creating and using a separate email account for survey sites, as you can get a lot of emails from these companies.

Survey Junkie signup

Once your account is created, you will be asked questions and offered options to better set up your profile. This is important to do, as it will allow Survey Junkie to find the surveys you are most likely to be qualified for. An added bonus is that Survey Junkie will give you a small reward for adding more answers to your profile surveys and doing simple things like confirming your email. This is something that will save you a lot of lost time as you move forward and will also net you a little cash to start the process.

I went through all 7 of the profile surveys:

Survey Junkie MobileIs There a Mobile App?: No, however the mobile site is very user-friendly and resizes in a way that makes it easier to use than the desktop version in some ways. The only drawback would be that Survey Junkie cannot control what the sites that it aggregates these surveys from does with their mobile experience. However, it seems that they are aware of which sites and surveys function appropriately on mobile, as they have blocks on certain surveys which are only available on the desktop version.

Payout Minimum: One area where Survey Junkie shines is the payout minimum and transparency in your earnings. Your point total and corresponding cash amount is clearly shown on the left side of the page for you to keep track of as you work through surveys. The minimum payout is 1,000 points which is equal to $10.00, as essentially 1 point is equal to 1 penny. This is great as you can get to that point pretty quickly, and is much better than many sites.

Payouts can be through PayPal, bank transfer, or through Amazon and other e-gift cards. These payouts are near instantaneous, which is rare as most sites take at least a day or so to get you your money and some go as far as taking weeks to mail a check! I received my PayPal payout in less than 30 minutes.

Ways to Earn Money: Survey Junkie is true to its name. They really are all about the surveys. Money (aka: points) is earned through taking surveys which are found on the dashboard of the site or through email survey offers sent to you. They even give you a few points for each survey you don't qualify for.


The options are limited compared to a site like Swagbucks, which has a plethora of earning options (check out it's review here). However, there is something to like about the simplicity of Survey Junkie if you are someone who prefers surveys over the other earning methods. The straightforward nature of it can be great for avoiding distractions. This is key in order to maximize your per-hour earning rate.

My Personal Survey Qualification Percentage: I qualified for just under 70% of the surveys I attempted on this site. This is a rate that is surprisingly high for these types of sites. When a site aggregates surveys from other providers, there tends to be some disconnect, so I was happy to qualify for as many as I did.

survey junkie

An important note to consider in terms of strategy is to find sites that may put you through a disqualifying loop (where you are asked demographic or qualifying questions repeatedly in order to find a survey) and avoid those types when you see them come up. This is due to the amount of time these repeated qualifying questions take to find you a survey. Sometimes they may not find a survey at all, and you are stuck in the loop. It will take a little experience to get a feel for which survey providers take the longest to qualify. If you avoid these, you will be able to maximize your time and make more money.

Survey Invite Rate: With Survey Junkie, the dashboard offers you many options for taking surveys. But you will get offers by email as well. I have been receiving 1 to 3 email offers per day (remember, this is why a separate email account for survey sites is important) and the offers are similar to what you will find on the dashboard.

Survey Junkie email

However, there are different types of offers you will receive by email. Some of them are for incredibly short surveys for a few points, usually done on the Survey Junkie site, while other offers are for larger point totals and longer surveys.

Ways to Maximize Earning Potential: On a site that focuses so much on surveys, the strategy can seem simple, take as many surveys as possible for as many points as possible. But there are some tips and tricks that can help to amplify your earning potential with Survey Junkie. Here are a few to consider:

  1. Use the estimates to your advantage. Survey Junkie offers you a point amount you can earn for each survey, but it also shows an estimated time that each survey should take. Make sure you take surveys which offer a useful return on that estimated time. While you might be able to finish surveys faster than the estimated time, using the time as a guideline is a good idea for pushing up your per-hour earnings.
  2. Focus on 100+ point surveys. While there are many options for under 50 points, usually the time you would take to qualify and take the survey does not make them incredibly worthwhile. My suggestion would be to focus on surveys which are worth 100 or more points. This will allow for some wiggle room in the amount of time that it takes to qualify, etc. I would save the lower point surveys for times when I may be waiting in line or only have a few minutes available.
    survey options
  3. Don't overthink it. As you start answering questions, it is easy to start really thinking about what to answer. While you should answer as best and as truthful as you can, the name of the game here is speed. In order to make money effectively, you need to be as efficient as possible. So don't change answers, move quickly, and again don't overthink it!

In Conclusion, Should You Join Survey Junkie?

Yes. If you like surveys as your method of earning, this is a great place for you. If you follow my advice and maximize your time, you can do well with Survey Junkie.

Sign up here. It's free to join!

This site is great for surveys, but if you are interested in earning through search, email, offers, and other methods, check out my other reviews for top sites in the sidebar!

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