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Is iPoll legit? My 2020 iPoll Review

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Ipoll, which recently changed from SurveyHead, is one of the only survey websites that also has a good mobile app to pair up with it's website.

But before I get into more details about that, let me answer the main question.

Can you make money with

Yes. Sign up for iPoll here.

Income Proof – My iPoll Earnings

iPoll Payment Proof

Join iPoll here.


I only write reviews for companies once I've actually tried them out and been paid. That way you know that the review is based on my actual experience.

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How To Make The Most Money From iPoll – In Depth Review

To start off my reviews, I always cover the basics first, such as requirements for membership, what the reward system looks like and what other special features the survey company has. This allows you to see if you qualify for the survey company and if this survey company is for you.


  • Location: iPoll works in any country in the world, which is pretty rare for survey companies.
  • Age: iPoll members must be 17 years or older.

Ipoll $5 BonusSign Up Process: Signing up for iPoll is extremely easy. Simply click this link here, enter your information, confirm you're email and you're ready to go. One thing I like about iPoll is that they give you a $5 bonus just for signing up.

Payout Minimum: The payout minimum for iPoll begins at $10, however, that is for their first tier reward system, which is only magazine subscriptions. At $20, you begin to get options of gift cards. You have to wait until you earn $50 to be able to get cash in the form of Paypal or a Prepaid Visa.

One thing that I do not like about iPoll is that they charge you a 3% fee on Paypal payouts. Although they still are one of my favorite survey companies, which I will get into below, this 3% fee is disappointing. The prepaid Visa card does avoid this fee though.

My Personal Survey Qualification Percentage: After looking around at other reviews of iPoll, it appears that I had a higher qualifying rate than most people, at about 75%.  However, the first thing I did was fill out the profile questions.

This is something I always do, as it helps weed out surveys that I may not qualify for and saves me time in the long run. A lot of survey sites don't pay you for the profile surveys, but iPoll did, between 10-25 cents each.

Survey Invite Rate: IPoll emails out about 5-6 surveys each month. This is about industry standard when it comes to survey invite rate. However, between getting emailed surveys, and the surveys available in the dashboard, plus the mobile app, I always had plenty of opportunities to make money through iPoll.

Ipoll Email Invite


iPoll App Screenshot

iPoll App Screenshot

Is there a mobile app?: Yes, and it definitely is one of the reason I really like iPoll (along with their higher than average payouts). Their app is a combination of surveys and tasks that you can do. The surveys are similar to what's on their website, but the app allows you to do them anywhere.

The tasks are worth your time to do and keep track of what ones are available. If you're heading to the store, a gas station or movie, it's always good to check the iPoll app to see if you can make some money while doing it. Especially since the payouts tend to be higher for completing tasks than surveys.

The app comes for both iPhones and Androids.

The Best Way to Make Money with iPoll

The thing I like about iPoll is that even though there are different options on how to make money, you can't go wrong with either one. It is a good website to take surveys from and their mobile app lets you make money while away from your computer.

The first tip I recommend is to fill out the profile questions first. All though they are the lowest paying surveys on the dashboard, the time they save you in the future will be worth more. And the goal of doing online surveys is to try to get the most money for the least amount of time, so it's best to do those first.

Another tip is that you should try to only do surveys that pay out at least $1 per every 10 minutes it estimates your time to be. Often times, you will finish is less time than they estimate as you can see in my survey notes below.

Between them emailing you, the dashboard and the mobile app (and other survey taking websites), you should always have an activity to complete. This way, you can always focus on the surveys that give you the biggest return for your time.

This tip of only picking good surveys may take you longer to cash out on iPoll. However, in the long run you will be making more money for your time, and that is the smartest strategy.

If you want to make the most with iPoll, fill out the profiler questions, stick to surveys that payout at least $1 per 10 minutes spent, and take advantage of the mobile app, taking surveys when you have some spare time or completing tasks when you go out.

Overall Assessment of iPoll


  • Is a legit, paying company
  • Pays above average rates for time spent
  • A variety of ways to make money
  • Pays out with Paypal or Visa Prepaid Card
  • Pays you for profile surveys
  • Has a mobile app
  • No location restrictions


  • Takes 2-6 weeks for your funds to be approved in your account
  • The payout takes 2-4 weeks to be received
  • 3% fee on Paypal cash outs
  • Higher than average payout minimum for cash


Overall, I completely recommend iPoll. Although they take longer than most survey companies to approve and send you your money, they payout more than other companies do and they have a mobile app.

If you are signed up for multiple survey companies like I recommend, then waiting an extra month for a big paycheck from iPoll shouldn't be a big deal. You can make good money with this company, and for that reason they are one of my favorites.

Should You Join iPoll?


Sign up here for iPoll


Want to see my specific survey results?

Your results will likely vary, but I like to share mine with you anyways:

Do you have any questions about iPoll or anything you'd like to add to the review? Let me know in the comments!

Advertiser Disclosure: We get a commission for some of the links on the blog. The opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by our partners.

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