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My Best Tips on How to Be a Product Tester

Product testing is one of the most enjoyable ways to make money online. While I mostly focus on surveys, product testing is a completely legitimate way to add to your online income. You get free stuff and get rewarded for reviewing it. I cover more about why companies are giving you free stuff and paying you as well here.

Just as with taking surveys online, there are good strategies to use and bad strategies to use for being a product tester. I offer you my best tips below.

My Best Tips on How to Be a Product Tester

1. Create a Second Email Address

One thing that you quickly learn when making money online is that protecting your inbox is extremely important. If you give your email address out often (as is necessary with signing up for product testing and survey sites), then you need to figure out a strategy for saving your inbox from spam.

Check out this article here on how to best make a secondary email address that you can specifically use for survey and product testing companies.

This picture is proof that it's necessary

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 8.01.07 AM


2. Respond with a Review In a Timely Manner

While you absolutely need time to actually use and test these products that you are sent, you should reply within the time that the companies give to you. You should do this for a couple reasons.

First, if you don't respond within the time frame given to you, these companies will stop sending you products. It will appear as if you got the product and then just went on with you life. This wasn't apart of the agreement when you accept the invite, and this loses the market research company money.

You will get blacklisted for doing this.

However, on the other hand, if you respond within the right time frame after properly testing the product, these companies will trust you more and send you more invitations. This is basically a job, and the better you do, the more work you get.

3. Write Good Reviews

This may seem obvious, but writing good reviews is one of the best ways to get more product testing jobs. Just like responding in a timely manner, writing good reviews is something these companies appreciate. They do keep profiles on their users, and use these to send products to users that they know will do a good job.

If you profile says that you always respond on time and write very detailed reviews, then why wouldn't these companies send you more stuff to try out. They trust you.

Some tips for writing good reviews are:

  • Truly test out the product. Yes, you get paid once you review, but remember, you'll get more jobs if you take time to write good reviews
  • Ask yourself these questions about the product:
    • What did you like about the product and why?
    • What could have been better around the product
    • What the product easy to use? Was the instruction manual (if there was one) easy to read and understand?
    • How did the product look? What did you think of the packaging it came in.
    • Does the name of the product match what the product actually is?
    • How durable is the product?
    • Would you personally buy the product? Why or why not? Think quality and pricing

4. Sign up for Legitimate Product Testing Companies

This can be a hassle to figure out, since the internet is filled with so many scams. But luckily, you don't have to worry about this tip! Simply check out my list of The 8 Best Product Testing Companies.


Do you have any questions or tips to add? I'd love to hear them in the comments section.

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