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The top 10 Best Survey Companies for the Philippines

If you are from the Philippines, then you have the opportunity to make money by taking online surveys. Companies are always looking for people to help them do market research.

They need help figuring out if Filipinos will like a certain commercial or product, so they send out surveys which they will pay you to take. To make it easier for you to participate, I collected the top 10 best companies to take surveys through in the Philippines.

Here are the top 10 survey companies in the Philippines.

PaidViewPoint Logo1. PaidViewPoint

Still on top of the list is PaidViewPoint which take online surveys in exchange for cash. With options that include mobile and online survey, nothing is convenient enough. In addition, upon logging in, you can also receive email notifications when full surveys or regular online surveys are available. Trait Surveys are also up for grabs and earn between $0-03-$0-10 on most days. They have not only the ability to slowly increase your earnings but also increase your Traitscore as well. A high Traitscore allows you to receive the maximum number of surveys per month. Achieve a Traitscore of 9000, and become part of the top 10% of members – earning even more per answer Refer some of your friends and receive a generous reward.

Sign up for PaidViewPoint here

2. Quest Mindshare

Topics covering mere opinion to world issues, Quest Mindshare is considered as the fastest growing online survey panels with averaging survey lengths of 15 minutes. Payouts via Paypal are highest when it comes to music rating surveys. As a part of a larger network, members have access to multitude of opportunities in online research. Required payout levels include $12.50 In the USA, £8 in the UK, $17 AUD in Australia, $15 NZD in New Zealand, € 10 in European countries, and $12.50 in Canada.

3. ClearVoice Surveys

If you are looking for an easy way to share your opinions and earn cash and rewards at the same time, ClearVoice Surveys is the way to go. Various companies are constantly improving offered products and services and through answering their surveys, they will get information that they need. One special feature of the company is that you still get monetary compensations even if you are screened out. Even though it only costs $0.10, it can add up quickly on top of your regular earnings.

top-online-surveys4. SurveySavvy

Take online surveys in exchange for cash and get paid with a check. For an ultra-low requirement of 1, you can already request for a check after taking some online surveys. Even if you do not qualify, you still have a chance to earn an entry into the cash draw where monthly prizes await you.

Global Test Market Logo5. GlobalTestMarket

With 5.5 million members in almost 200 countries around the globe, GlobalTestMarket offers various reward options which include payment checks, PayPal payments and gift cards to help companies develop new products and services. You can easily earn some after completing a 10-20 minute survey.

iPoll Logo6. iPoll

Using modern technology to their advantage, members can effortlessly take surveys through their website or mobile apps which is available for both iPhone and android users – anytime, anywhere. Formerly known as SurveyHead, iPoll also offer numerous rewards such as cash payments through PayPal, e-vouchers, iTunes gift codes, credits on Travelocity, Visa pre-paid cards and donations to a number of charities. Wait, that is not all. New iPoll members can even get a one-time credit of $5 added to their account making it easier to to attain the minimum $25 to redeem rewards.

Ipsos-isay-logo7. Ipsos i-Say

6 million surveys in 100 countries, Ipsos i-Say is taking online surveys from a range of topics which can equate to 10-100 points each – reward options include exchanging points for PayPal payments, e-vouchers, Air Miles Reward Miles, points for a VISA prepaid card or cash donations to a variety of different charities. Not only that, loyalty programs are also available to earn additional bonus points. The more surveys that are completed, the more bonus points increasingly become more valuable.

OpinionWorld Logo8. OpinionWorld

With surveys to complete within 5-10 minutes, not only can you get rewards for surveys, but you can also receive quarterly cash prizes as much as $10,000. Rewards included are vouchers, cash via PayPal, restaurant gift cards, CVS gift cards and more. With a minimum of $10 worth of points, you can already redeem your reward.

american-consumer-opinion-logo9. American Consumer Opinion

Awarding almost 100+ points per survey (lasting no longer than 10 minutes long) and screeners worth between 10-50 points, it is a great way to let your opinion be known while bringing in some cash.

10. Univox Community

Without having to join a panel, you can take daily surveys via the Univox router. Welcoming everybody all over the world, it provides members with rewards in exchange for their opinion. Registering is easy – just provide basic information and you will already receive a 500 point sign up bonus. One great thing about the company is that there is no age restriction as they want as many diverse opinions as possible.

Advertiser Disclosure: We get a commission for some of the links on the blog. The opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by our partners.

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